Best Gaming Routers of 2022 Buyers Guide

best gaming router 2022

If you are looking to buy the best gaming routers in 2022, you are in the right place. We have reviewed top 11 best routers for gaming , so that you can buy with the best budget routers.

So without delay check out our best routers reviews for 2022 and buy your best one.Also buy best gaming chairs , gaming laptops, gaming monitors, gaming mouses, Gaming keyboards, top 20 video games. best modem router for gaming

You may also check best routers under 100, best under 200, best wireless routers up to 50% off etc.

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Best Gaming Router For 2022

Best Gaming Routers 2022 Price Buy Now
Best NETGEAR Pro XR500 Router Full Review Price- $247.98 Buy Now
Best NETGEAR Nighthawk AC 1750 Full Review Price- $57.99 Buy Now
Best TP-Link Archer AC1200 Full Review Price- $69.77 Buy Now
Best TP-Link AC1750 gaming router Full Review Price- $57.99 Buy Now
Best 2021:ASUS Gaming Router Full Review Price-$319.99 Buy Now
Best TP-Link AC5400 Best under 100 Full Review Price-$293.46 Buy Now
Best Linksys AC4000 Wireless Router Full Review Price-$169.99 Buy Now
Best Netgear R7500 Gaming Router Full Review Price-$229.00 Buy Now


The Best Gaming Routers 2022 Reviews

1.Best Gaming Router 2022:NETGEAR Pro XR500

Price- $247.98 Buy On Amazon

Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router

Power to Win

The XR500 Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router uses state-of-the-art software to optimize your internet connection by stabilizing ping, reducing lag spikes, and keeping you in the game with reliable wired and wireless connectivity for fast-paced gaming.

  • Quality of Service – Prioritize gaming devices over others to prevent lag spikes
  • Geo Filter – Limit distance to servers or other players
  • Gaming Dashboard – View real-time bandwidth utilization by device
  • Network Monitor – Identify applications that could be causing lag
  • Gaming VPN – Support your existing VPN service
  • Nighthawk app – Easily setup your router, manage Internet access by pausing and resuming internet instantly. All from your mobile device!

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2.NETGEAR Nighthawk AC 1750-Best Smart WiFi Router

Price- $57.99 Buy On Amazon

The NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router delivers extreme Wi-Fi speed for gaming up to 1750Mbps. The Dual Core 1GHz processor boosts wireless & wired performance. High-powered amplifiers and external antennas increase range for whole-home mobility, while Beamforming+ boosts speed for mobile devices, up to 100% faster.

What’s a “tri-band” router? In extremely rudimentary, lay terms, the Nighthawk has the strength of three routers. It can handle three times the number of connections a single-band router ever could (presumably), yet all the devices are able to “see” one another and play nice together. So, yeah, it’s expensive. It’s quite possible, in fact, that you don’t really even need a tri-band router.techradar recommend

  • FAST WiFi PERFORMANCE: Get up to 1500 square feet wireless coverage with AC1750 speed (Dual band up to 450 + 1300 Mbps)
  • RECOMMENDED FOR UP TO 25 DEVICES: Reliably stream videos, play games, surf the internet, and connect smart home devices
  • WIRED ETHERNET PORTS: Plug in computers, game consoles, streaming players, and other nearby wired devices with 4 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • LOADED WITH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Designed with a 1GHz dual core processor, 3 amplified antennas, Beamforming+, Dynamic QoS, Smart Connect, and more
  • USB CONNECTIONS: Share a storage drive or printer with any connected device or create a personal cloud storage to access from anywhere, using the 1 x 3.0 USB port
  • CIRCLE APP PARENTAL CONTROLS: Pause device internet access, view site history usage, and filter websites for free. Set online time limits, schedule device internet access, and more for $4.99/month (1st month free trial) best modem router for gaming 20

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3.TP-Link Archer AC1200-Best Wireless Gaming Router

Price- $69.77 Buy On Amazon

The Archer C1200 upgrades your network with fast AC1200 Wi-Fi. Dual 5 GHz (867 Mbps) and 2.4 GHz (300 Mbps) bands send up to 1167 Mbps total AC Wi-Fi, letting you watch movies and download files without slowing down your network.

Three antennas with beamforming create stronger Wi-Fi coverage, while a fast processor keeps connections seamless and uninterrupted. Four Gigabit Ethernet ports provide reliable wired connectivity and a USB port lets you easily share files across your network.

The Archer C1200’s dual 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are equipped with beamforming, which locates Wi-Fi devices and focuses the router’s wireless signal toward them instead of sending it in all directions at once.

Together, they create stronger Wi-Fi connections, even as you carry mobile devices like smartphones and tablets from room to room.

  • Dual band router upgrades to 1200 Mbps high speed internet(300Mbps for 2.4 Gigahertz + 900Mbps for 5 Gigahertz), reducing buffering and ideal for 4K stream. Does NOT support WISP for wireless interface to Internet Provider
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports, ideal for any internet plan and allow you to directly connect your wired devices
  • USB Access Share your USB drive content wirelessly; Operating Temperature: 0℃~40 ℃ (32 ℉~104℉); Storage Temperature: 40℃~70 ℃ ( 40 ℉~158℉)
  • TP Link Tether app Easily set up and manage your home network at home or remotely. System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1/10 MAC OS, NetWare, UNIX or Linux

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4.Best TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router

Price- $57.99 Buy On Amazon

3x faster AC1750 WiFi ensures a smooth gaming and 4K streaming experience. Dual band WiFi supports more devices with less disruptions.Keep your family safe and devices secure with advanced WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption, parental controls and guest access. 

Prior to this purchase, I had 3 other wireless routers that I returned because they just won’t work! I got tired so I bought the cheapest one (this) instead. To my surprise, this is the one that worked for me. I like the router admin page’s ease of use, as well as the phone app (named “Tether”) made by TP-Link. The admin page can also generate a QR code which you can print and put in a wall so whenever you have guests, they can just scan the QR code to connect to the internet.

I installed several smart devices with different aps in my condo and became concerned I may open my network to hacking. Replaced my old router with a built in modem with this TP-Link AC1750 and a TP-link Modem. After reading some of the reviews I had real concerns about failing on the installation. The installation of both were easy and I was able to get all of my devices back on wifi quickly. I installed all of the smart home devices on the guest band keeping them out of my network. Everything is working better than I expected.

  • Wireless internet router works with Alexa, compatible with all Wi Fi devices, 802. 11AC and older
  • Dual band router upgrades to 1750 Mbps high speed internet(450mbps for 2. 4GHz + 1300Mbps for 5GHz), reducing buffering and ideal for 4K streaming Comparable to the router NETGEAR R6700
  • 3 external antennas for long range Wi Fi
  • Gigabit Router with 4 Gigabit LAN ports, fast access to multiple connected wired devices, Ideal as a gaming router
  • Integrated USB port acts as a media server, easily share your USB drive content
  • TP Link tether app easily set up and remotely manage your home network
  • Industry leading 2 year and free 24/7 technical support

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5.Best Of 2022:ASUS Gaming Router Tri-band WiFi

Price-$319.99 Buy On Amazon

The ASUS ROG Rapture is a gaming tri-band router featuring a 1.8GHz quad-core processor and the latest 4×4 802.11ac MU-MIMO technology. Game Dashboard with Game IPS controls and protects your network in real-time while delivering data rates up-to 5334 Mbps across prioritized ports and gaming-dedicated 5GHz Wi-Fi band.

ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 is powered by a top-of-the-line 1.8GHz 64bit quad-core CPU that offers more than enough power to handle anything you can throw at it.

OG Rapture GT-AC5300 has a killer feature called VPN Fusion, which lets you run a VPN and an ordinary internet connection — simultaneously.20 best wifi router for gaming

At a Glance

  • Tri-band (dual 5 GHz, single 2.4 GHz) AC5300 wireless router with the latest 802.11ac 4×4 MU-MIMO
  • 1.8GHz 64bit Quad-Core processor
  • VPN Fusion enables you to run a VPN and ordinary internet connection simultaneously
  • Game IPS Powered by Trend Micro

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6.TP-Link AC5400-Best Tri Band Gaming Router

Price-$293.46 Buy On Amazon

Get into the action with incredible AC5400 tri-band Wi-Fi speeds over the 2.4 GHz (1000 Mbps) and two 5 GHz bands (2167 Mbps). Three Wi-Fi bands make it easier to streamline your network and stay competitive in the heat of battle.

Dedicate one band to gaming traffic while the remaining two deliver high-speed Wi-Fi to the rest of your home, or enable Smart Connect and have the router zero in on the best Wi-Fi band for every device, intelligently driving them to peak performance.

The dynamic optimization engine runs relentlessly to identify traffic, optimize throughput and eradicate latency for a premium quality of service according to standard presets or custom settings.

Prioritize gaming above all other activities for a tactical advantage during heated raids, PvP encounters and ranked matches. When you aren’t gaming, fast-track streaming to watch immersive 4K movies with stunning clarity. best wireless router for gaming 20

While the TP-Link AC4500 is by no means a low cost solution, it’s worth every penny spent on it. This router was amazingly simple to set up with the plugging in of the antennas the most difficult, yet even that job is simple enough to accomplish. One password with the auto tri-band setting allows a variety of computer devices to log on automatically. I have eight devices in my household and no issues with any of them finding and hooking to the router after assembly & installation.

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7.TP-Link AC1900-Best Wireless Router Under 100

Price-$93.49 Buy On Amazon

This AC1900 wifi router is best for a connected home. Whether you have smart home products, 4k streaming, online video gaming, or the whole family’s smartphones, the Archer C9 is engineered for fast and reliable wifi for the entire home. The 1GHz dual-core processor will ensure that your media streaming will not buffer if someone else is downloading a 4K movie in another room. Perhaps you have simultaneous devices connected taking up bandwidth, the beamforming technology will laser-focus your wireless signal to where you need it most. Superior wifi bandwidth utilization increases wifi range, delivering highly targeted and efficient wireless connections. Never more will you need to miss that climatic action scene, or booted out of a gaming server. TP-Link’s AC1900 wireless router is the solution for your home network. best gaming router for ps4

I bought this model because I own a house with a metal roof and the previous older router I had wasn’t cutting it. I am super impressed with the range of this model. My girlfriends parents bought this exact same model and they live a block away from me and I get signal from their router to just barely inside my house. Mine covers the entirety of the house including the basement with no issues (about 1400 square feet) and extends outside a little too (I’m guessing my metal roof isn’t letting much out)
best wireless router for gaming under 100 buy in 2020

  • Supports 802.11ac, the next generation of Wi-Fi
  • 1.9Gbps of total available bandwidth
  • Simultaneous dual band networks, 2.4GHz (600Mbps) and 5GHz (1300Mbps)
  • 3 detachable dual band antennas for maximum wireless coverage and reliability
  • Beamforming technology locates wireless devices to create a stronger connection

Best Gaming Router Under 100 /Best Overall /Best 10 List /Best  Buying Guide

8.Best router 2022:NETGEAR AC2600 WiFi Router

Price-$172.16 Buy On Amazon

Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Smart WiFi Router with 160MHz, MU-MIMO, and Quad Stream technology delivers WiFi to multiple devices simultaneously for faster speeds. Stream 4K content in pristine quality with 160MHz support while receiving ultimate WiFi speeds of up to 2.53Gbps, with a powerful 1.7GHz dual-core processor. Enjoy smoother streaming and gaming by prioritizing application and device with Dynamic QoS. WiFi Range – Very large homes

What’s a “tri-band” router? In extremely rudimentary, lay terms, the Nighthawk has the strength of three routers. It can handle three times the number of connections a single-band router ever could (presumably), yet all the devices are able to “see” one another and play nice together. So, yeah, it’s expensive. It’s quite possible, in fact, that you don’t really even need a tri-band router in 2022.

I have been using Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Smart WiFi Router (R7800) for over 6 months and have been loving it. The speed of data transfer is awesome. I have used X4S router with Verizon FiOS quantum gateway router in bridge mode and it worked great. I’m currently using this with Comcast internet connection and I’m extremely pleased with the performance. Before buying Netgear X4S I had bought Asus AC router but was disappointed when I figured out bridge mode/access point mode was not supported and Netgear has both of these features. best gaming modem router combo

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9.Netgear R7500-Best Gaming Router 2022

Price $229.00 Buy On Amazon

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4 AC2350 MU-MIMO Smart WiFi Gaming Router (R7500v2)

Take Your Gaming to the Next Level

The Nighthawk x4 AC2350 smart Wi-Fi router is the NEXT wave in Wi-Fi. Quad-stream x4 architecture delivers speeds up to 2.33Gbps and the 1.4GHz dual Core processor and dynamic QoS, give you unparalleled performance for gaming and streaming. MU-MIMO provides faster speeds with simultaneously streamed data for up to three devices.

So far so good. I have owned numerous wifi solutions for my house. So far none of them have been able to keep up with me. This one has no problem at all. The QoS works wonderfully, the setup was easy and it’s super snappy. I have had to reset router similar to this all of the time. So far I have yet to even have to reboot this. If I had to come up with one negative the only thing I can come up with is that it is a gaming router through and through. What I mean by this is that this thing is really large and has super bright LEDs. I personally do not care about appearance, performance and stability are the only things I care about. This does both equally well.

  • Stay in the game with AC2350 WiFi (600Mbps 2.4GHz + 1733Mbps 5GHz).
  • Reduce lag, packet loss, and ping variance with Quad-Stream X4 Architecture. Ultimate range, speed, and network stability.
  • Achieve more throughput with Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) Technology.
  • Focus all your bandwidth on gaming with Dynamic QoS.
  • Wired or wireless – 1.4GHz Dual Core processor boosts your network performance.
  • Prefer to be wired in? 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports provide fast wired performance.
  • Open Source Support at the My Open Router website.

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10.D-Link Exo AC2600-Best Wi-Fi Router

Price- $119.99 Buy On Amazon

D-Link DIR-882-US AC2600 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Wireless Router delivers premium performance for today’s most demanding tasks: HD streaming, gaming, and multiple device usage. It comes packed with speeds of up to 2,533 Mbps (800 Mbps in 2.4GHz + 1,733 Mbps in 5GHz ), a high-performance dual-core processor, AC Smart Beam Technology, Intelligent Quality of Service (QoS) with traffic prioritization, four high-performance external antennas for maximum wireless range, a new user interface, Smart Connect and with an easy setup. The DIR-882-US is the perfect combination of wireless internet performance and ease of use

This was a perfect and inexpensive upgrade to my CAT5E wired LAN. With my old 10/100 Fast Ethernet router I was only getting 15 mb/sec download while I pay for a 100 down 10 up broadband cable. With this switch I am now getting over 100 mb/sec on anything connected to CAT5. I also upgraded my modem to a DOCSYS 3.1, but I first tested with my old 3.0 modem and was reliably getting 90 mb/sec. This is a great switch for an average house that has drops wired in bedrooms plus living room etc. best budget gaming router in 2020

  • AC2600 Dual band router: Wi-Fi speeds of up to 2600 Mbps (800 Mbps in 2.4 gigahertz + 1733 Mbps in 5 gigahertz) to support more connected Wi-Fi devices to your high Speed home network
  • Stream, game, and more: Enjoy 4K/HD video and online gaming simultaneously with 4 x 4 data streams and 4 high performance antennas
  • Dual Core Processor: the dual Core Processor gives you powerful wired and wireless internet network speeds
  • Multi user MIMO technology: significantly improves simultaneous streaming on multiple devices
  • Advanced Smart Beam: tracks your connected devices for enhanced Wi-Fi speed and range throughout your home
  • Intelligent quality of Service: traffic Optimization delivers seamless performance for your applications
  • Two USB ports: remotely deliver high speed data transmissions for storage devices (One USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0)

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11.Best Linksys AC4000 Wireless Router

$169.99 Buy On Amazon

Linksys MAX-STREAM AC4000 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Tri-Band Router (EA9300)

Ideal for Extreme Entertainment

Bring the power of Tri-Band Wi-Fi to your home and enjoy blistering Wi-Fi speeds with the Linksys MAX-STREAM AC4000 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Tri-Band Router (EA9300). Ideal for households with multiple digital entertainment devices, this tri-band router delivers combined speeds of up to 4.0 Gbps for lag-free streaming and gaming. The router features MU-MIMO technology that allows your whole family to stream, game, and perform other high-bandwidth tasks at the same time and same speed–as if each device had its own, dedicated Wi-Fi router.

The router also receives automatic firmware updates and brings the latest features and security to your home Wi-Fi overnight. And thanks to a Smart Connect feature that automatically chooses the best band for your connections, you’ll experience optimized Wi-Fi performance across all your devices. best cheap router for gaming buy in 2020

  • Powerful Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router
  • Combined speeds of up to 4.0 Gbps
  • 1.8 GHz Quad-core processor and Airtime Fairness boost Wi-Fi efficiency
  • MU-MIMO sends Wi-Fi to devices at the same time and same speed
  • Works with Alexa

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What is routers /How the routers works

Best Gaming Router Buyers Guide

Choosing the Best Gaming Router

Ready to set up your own gaming zone at home? Made some place in your home and ready to plunge into the ultimate gaming experience? Did good research and finalised gaming keyboard, mouse, monitor, gaming desk, gaming headset and motherboard and sound cards?

What is a Gaming Router?

As the name goes, a gaming router is specifically designed for providing low ping and low lag when playing games online. Also, they provide fast connectivity when playing games in LAN parties. 

They have more features that prove the difference when you play with and without using them. The best gaming router will let you enjoy that experience and gives an unmatchable and realistic gaming environment.

How does a Gaming Router differ from an Ordinary Router?

A router is meant for routing period. There is no doubt. We all know routing is the basic functionality of such a device wherein the product makes sure that the data that is incoming into the network reaches the designated device.

Now you will definitely question us – how gaming router is different from an ordinary router. Though they both are similar in principle, the key difference between an ordinary and a gaming router is the manner in which they perform networking.

A gaming router has the following features in addition to that of a normal router:

  • Faster connection to online gaming servers (lower ping and lower lag).
  • Up-to-date Wi-Fi standards
  • Multiple antennas
  • Additional ports for Ethernet
  • Network prioritizing of gaming devices compared to other home devices
  • Integration with IoT devices
  • IFTTT compatibility
  • Support for open source router firmware.
  • Quality of Service

One of the main features of a gaming router is Quality of Service (QoS). It basically means it is the efficiency at which a gaming router prioritizes the gaming traffic.

This QoS plays a major role in enabling a smoother gaming experience that is at its best in frame rate, latency and connectivity.

The QoS is the feature of a gaming router that lets it minimize the packet loss of data concerning to your online games, besides safely routing all other incoming and outgoing internet traffic via a separate flow.

What you should know before selecting a gaming router?

You should consider all the following aspects before starting your hunt for a best gaming router:

  • What is the speed of your Internet Service Connection?
  • How many total number of connected devices in the home?
  • What is the size of the home or room where you want to install your router?

If you think you can compromise on an older version of router and upgrade the speed of your internet connection, you may have to be disappointed later.

Processor Capacity and RAM speed

These terms are similar to that of a regular computer terminology. More processor speed means higher speed with which your gaming router handles connections and transfers data to the connected devices. Also, this feature affects QoS too. Better the rating of processor and RAM, higher the QoS.

The speed of internet connection

This is simpler concept. It represents the speed at which data is arriving to your router from your ISP. Besides, the gaming experience is always directly proportional to the speed.

Wireless Standards

This is a measure of which standards of wireless connectivity your gaming router is designed for. The widely used wireless standard, as of now, is 802.11ac which will be replaced soon by the newest WiFi6 spec (802.11ax). You should understand that wireless standards keep changing with time and hence it is important to choose one that has the latest wireless standard specifications.

Network latency

This is the lag time the data packet takes to reach from your computer to the game server. Obviously, this time should be low, or the network latency of the gaming router that you are looking for should be low.

You can consider a gaming router as best, if its latency is 20 to 30 milliseconds. Notably, your gaming experience drags if the network latency is beyond 150 milliseconds. This effect you notice as missing frames in your gaming or slower response although the ISP speed is good.

Multiple band Wi-Fi connectivity

A gaming router transmits to multiple channels owing to this feature. The latest gaming routers available in the market are capable of transmitting up to three channels at a time.

Gigabit Ethernet

This specifies how many wired Ethernet ports your gaming router has. You should consider how many number of hardwired connected devices that are in your home and then decide on this feature of gaming router.

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